2021 SAR K9 Seminar Administrative Summary as of 2/22/2021


The SAR command post (CP) will be parked at the La Quinta Hotel located at:

17710 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Google map location: https://goo.gl/maps/HQDgpXDfrML8Pnx69

It will be setup Wed 2/24 PM and will remain there through out the seminar.  The CP will be used for student check ins each day and as an administrative area.  It will be manned during seminar operational hours 8am – 5pm.  Exception will be Thursday 2/25, when it will be manned starting at 7am for check in.  The CP telephone number (850) 896-3448 will be provided to attendees in order to take messages for them during seminar hours.  Seminar attendees, as well as BCSO SAR members, will need to sign in/out at the CP each day.  Student attendees will be provided with name tags along with information regarding class schedule and a point of contact for their respective class (see POINTS OF CONTACT below)

Command Post Manning:

Bill Hyde Thurs – Sun ALL DAY
Mike Thomas Thurs – Sun ALL DAY
Marie Byhardt Fri PM and Sat PM

Roaming/Other Assistance:

Jennifer Dickon Thurs AM – Fri AM – Check in assistance 1st day then roaming
Ryan Peacock Sun AM – primarily cleanup
Kira Kitner Sat PM – assisting Tracking and Training -Klingensmith
Curtis Cox Sat PM – assisting Tracking and Training -Klingensmith


James Tew Thurs AM – Sun AM
Jason Tetzlaff Thurs AM – Sun AM
Will need to initially check in at CP morning of 1st day

A box lunch will be provided to all attendees as well as any SAR personnel assisting with the seminar.  These lunches are being prepared by the local VFW (behind the La Quinta, on Ashley Dr.).   The seminar class POCs will be responsible for picking up the coolers at 7:15 each morning and returning them every evening to the VFW Post.  EXCEPTION:  Lt. Melissa Frye will be getting cooler for the HRD Land -Cole class.  The BCSO SAR coordinator for these meals is SAR Sgt Peggy Wilson cell: (850) 832-7026

A BCSO SAR member Point of Contact (POC) has been assigned seminar class.  The CP will refer attendees to the POC for all questions pertaining to where the class is training and how to get there.  The POCs need to be sure that their cell phone is working/charged/etc. as this is the number that will be provided to seminar attendees!

Assigned POCs are:

Peggy Wilson (850) 832-7026: HRD Land – Scofield
Mike Gordey (850) 866-2945: HRD Land – Mendiola
Lisa Pittarelli (678) 477-4575: HRD Water – Higgins
Megan Williams (757) 407-3434: HRD Water – Higgins
Lana Dunn (850) 814-1694: Tracking and Training -Klingensmith
Mark Ries (850) 902-4152: Area Search Live – Sansom
Samuel Reese (352) 256-1200 (Thu 2/25 – Fri 2/26): HRD Land -Cole (no need to get cooler)
Dan Messier (850) 896-2830 (Sat 2/27): HRD Land -Cole (no need to get cooler)

POC Duties:

– being present and available each morning to organize attendees and ensure they know where to go
– responsible for “herding” by phone, any late/lost seminar attendees to their training areas
answering (or finding someone that can answer) any questions that might come up by attendees
– being the person the CP can call for updates and leave messages for attendees/instructor
– – ensuring meal coolers are picked up and returned each day – see MEALS section

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