BCSO SAR App Use and Guidelines

All BCSO Search and Rescue members are required to have the  BCSO/SAR App installed on their mobile device.  The BCSO/SAR App is the primary system used to communicate time sensitive information to team members such as notifications of call-outs, meetings, events.

Team App is the software application that is actually downloaded to your mobile device.  The term “BCSO/SAR App” is referring to the group information posted through the Team App system and used by BCSO/SAR personnel.

All members need to adhere to the following:

  • The BCSO/SAR App is for official use only
  • The ALERT section is for urgent communications.  Avoid message/comment replies unless they are mission essential.
  • BCSO/SAR App messaging features are only for team related activities
  • DO NOT use the chat features for non-SAR communications
  • Content and information posted in the BCSO/SAR app is not to be released or shared outside of official channels (i.e. parties or group not affiliated with BCSO).
  • Sensitive CJIS/personal related data/information/content will NOT BE shared through the BCSO/SAR App


ALERTS – These are immediate notifications for call-outs and other team activities. Avoid comments/replies/thumbs up/etc – responses and replies should only be time sensitive and mission essential.

PHOTOS – pictures/images provided by BCSO/SAR, normally related to the current event

EVENTS – scheduled upcoming events (i.e. meetings, training, etc)

BUSY – members can indicate periods they will not be available

CHAT – chat rooms for official SAR business –  Members can also create private chat rooms

E-NEWS – latest BCSO/SAR Newsletters

SAR WEB – link to the main BCSO/SAR website –  You will need to log in

BCSO/SAR FORMS – various forms that can be completed online and submitted

SAR PACK – PDF file of the basic items you should have with you at all times in response to a call-out

APP RULES/GUIDE – what you are currently reading