BCSO-SAR responds to an average of 25 calls for assistance each year. These calls range in severity from missing adults and children, to the search for evidence, and for service in times of disaster.  Because of the wide variety of member training, the Unit is a valuable resource for the communities within Bay and the surrounding Counties.

First Aid Info

Several links to some free online first aid courses have been posted in the Training Material’s First Aid section of the BCSO-SAR. The material is not endorsed by BCSO-SAR, just being referenced for your “personal enrichment.”


Posted: Sunday April 25th, 2021

Just wanted to wish ALL the fantastic K9's and Handlers on our team HAPPY INTERNATIONAL SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG DAY!!You may me proud to have you as my Teammates!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Posted: Saturday March 13th, 2021

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Posted: Thursday March 11th, 2021

SCAMMER CLAIMS TO REPRESENT THE BCSOMarch 11, 2021The Bay County Sheriff’s Office has issued a Scam Alert to make residents aware of a phone scam in which the caller claims to work at the BCSO. Several complaints have been received on this scam, and one victim lost over $7000.In this scam, the caller identifies himself using the name of a legitimate Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputy. The scammer tells his intended victim they have an outstanding warrant and face arrest. The victim is then offered an opportunity to pay a specified amount to avoid arrest, but they can only do this if they buy gift cards, call the scammer back, and tell them the cash-out number on the card. By knowing the cash-out number, the scammer can immediately redeem the card online and get the cash. In one case, the victim did as instructed, and lost more than $7000.The Bay County Sheriff’s Office will NEVER advise a person they have a warrant by telephone. The BCSO will NEVER ask for a person to pay off a warrant using gift cards.Anyone receiving this phone call is encouraged not to prolong the conversation. Get a call back number and hang up. Then contact law enforcement and file a report. ###Prepared by R. CorleyInformation by Cpl. D. RozierApproved by Sheriff T. Ford ... See MoreSee Less
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Posted: Wednesday March 3rd, 2021

So, another BCSO SAR K9 Seminar has passed. Nine Years – it does not seem possible. Yet here we are. This seminar has survived so much. An Ice Storm tried to freeze us out, then Hurricane Michael nearly ended us, then Covid-19 did its best to shut us down. But we survived it all. Personally, I never dreamed it would become what it is today. When we first started this seminar, the goal was to get some much-needed advanced training from top trainers for our beginning team. It, also, allowed us to get certifications for our dogs. The cost of sending our members and dogs out to seminars was simply not in the budget and finding a single seminar that offered everything we needed just did not exist at the time. I will forever be in the debt of our Instructors from that first year Greg Cole, Lisa Higgins, Suzi Goodhope, and DJ Beddow. They gave us their time and knowledge. It is so appreciated.Now here we are 9 years later, Greg Cole, Lisa Higgins and Suzi Goodhope are back as instructors. Since that time, we’ve added more instructors with incredible talent, Jan Scofield, Heather Suedkamp, Fred Mendiola, Mike Rhodes Jose Rodriguez, Heidy Drawdy, Sharon Samson, Georgia Arlington, Meghan O’donohue and Jason Klingensmith (Jason was an attendee that first year).This seminar is fortunate to have a great support staff from our SAR Team, Bill Hyde, Peggy Wilson, Jennifer Dickon, Mike Thomas, Lana Dunn, Judy McKee, Lisa Pittarelli, Megan Williams, Mark Ries, Maria Byhardt, David Sinnett, Stephanie Sinnett, Samuel Reese, Jason Tetzlaff, James Tew, Dan Messier, Curtis Cox, Mike Gordey, Andrew Agosto and finally our team Director Jim Balch. These are the folks that worked tirelessly to get ready for this seminar. Thank you all for your work and support. You make it possible for this Seminar to succeed.I, also, want to thank Cpl. Jeff Duggins of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office K9 Team for his great work in making the Law Enforcement portion of our Seminar run so well.But the real stars of this seminar are now and will always be the Dogs and their Handlers. You make us proud and humbled with all your accomplishments and devotion to what we do as Search and Rescue Professionals. Great job!!I almost missed another extremely important person from our first few years, Terre Hall ran our kitchen and made sure we all had everything we needed at Camp (she even taught one year). I'm sure Terre would still be joining us each year if her health would allow it. We miss your great food that's for sure (beef stew, chilly, etc.).And I am going to try to get a bit of rest this week to recharge for the coming weeks. Thank you all and we will see you soon – STAY SAFE AND DO GOOD!Melissa Frye and K9 GrimIn loving memory of K9 Ty who will always be in my heart and watching over this seminar ... See MoreSee Less
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BCSO-SAR is a member of the Northwest Florida Child Abduction Response Team (CART).  We are one of only 23 CART teams certified by the Department of Justice nationwide, and only 6 in Florida.