Membership with BCSO-SAR

Thank you for your interest in the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team.

We are an all volunteer group that operates under the authority of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) and has been made possible through the endorsement and continued support of Sheriff Tommy Ford.

Additional details about what we do can be found on our ABOUT us page

There is no prior training/experience needed to be a member. Just a willingness to learn and follow directions given by BCSO and BCSO-SAR supervisors. Past SAR, military and law enforcement experience is a plus.

Membership requirements:

  1. Availability to respond to urgent call outs in Bay County and surrounding areas.
  2. 18 years of age or older.
  3. A valid driver’s license and reliable mode of transportation is a must.
  4. Good physical condition. SAR operations involve a great deal of walking in wilderness areas – uneven terrain, heavy brush, swampy areas, etc.. With water operations, the ability to board small craft is also required. We respond all year long so this may involve hot or cold weather.
  5. Pass a background check that includes no outstanding warrants, disqualifying criminal history, or membership in organizations that would discredit the BCSO.
  6. Successfully complete an interview with SAR management staff.

NOTE: For those interested in K9 operations we have very limited openings for K9 teams and almost all new members start as part of the ground team.

Membership applications can be obtained/ downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

After completing application, call Capt. Jim Balch at (850) 348-6415
for submission instructions.