SAR Mirror Hanger

Proposal was made that we obtain parking ID hangs for member vehicle identification during operations and training.

Original idea came from this:
Size: 4-3/4″ x 2-3/4″       CLICK FOR SITE LINK

– Professional looking
– Durable PVC construction
– Reflective and high visibility

– Cost is too high at $8 per hanger tag



  • Melissa Frye found another site that can produce them for about $4 each:

We would send in the artwork and as shown below cost is reduced based on quantity ordered.

Cost for reflective/premium one sided tag:
Cost for non-reflective/economy one sided tag:

– Same as original idea but 1/2 the price
– We can modify the design/layout making it unique to our organization
– Free shipping

– minimum 50 purchase so initial outlay of $150+


  • Bill Hyde checked with another source (family member in CT) who produces this type of item (plaques, sports accessories, etc.).  To produce a copy of the original design,  a quoted cost of $4.45 each was provided.

– Price about 1/2 of the original
– Can modify design as needed
– minimum of 15 units per order so lower initial outlay (est. $66)

– NOT reflective
– Requires 2 week lead time
– Additional shipping costs (from CT)


  • Bill also looked into an alternative type hanger that we can use to create locally/in-house a SAR mirror hanger.Clear hanger holders like the one below are available at around $0.72 each (based on ordering 50 and calculating any tax and shipping fees).  No minimum order quantity but this company does charge a flat rate of $3.49 for shipping.  CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE
    It will fit a laminated card sized to 3 1/8″ High X 2 3/4″ Wide

    Example from inside car:
    Example of display looking at front windshield:
    We can reproduce the original SAR hanger graphic and laminate for inserting into the clear hanger.   Additionally we can modify as needed.   Examples:

Additional costs would involve obtaining paper stock and 5 mil laminate to seal the printed cards.  We have access to a laminating machine so no need for that investment.   Estimated cost is around $1.14 per hanger for an initial run of 50. Ink was not priced in.

Price breakdown:

$35.62 Order 50 hangers
7.98 4X6 5 mil laminate sheets, 2 packs of 25 @ 3.99 each
13.69  Heavy weight card stock
$57.29  –  produce 50 hangers, estimated cost each: $1.14 *

* note that laminate and card stock may be available at lower
price and reduce the price per item accordingly

– Cost is significantly lower
– Design to our specs
– Easy/inexpensive to change out the actual displayed card as needed

– NOT reflective
– A little additional work on our end